Annual Report

SLGPSAB Annual Report 2019/20

Opening Remarks from the Chair

On behalf of the Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board, I am delighted to be able to present the fifth SAB Annual Report. The aim of this Annual Report is to provide a primary source of information about the work of the Board over the last financial year, 2019-20 for LGPS members, employers, and other stakeholders.

This report summarises the financial position of funds across Scotland, and each local Pensions Committee has made decisions to invest their funds bearing in mind their own fiduciary duty. Although the positions of individual funds vary, overall across Scotland the LGPS is fully funded and sustainable, which is very welcome.

I hope you find this report useful. The Board welcomes feedback on the information provided and how this can be developed for future reports. More information can be found about the Board's work at our website: lgpsab.scot

Cllr Jim Goodfellow

Chair of SAB